Old story about my first car

I was so proud of myself when I bought my first car. I had been working extra hard after school and during summer vacation so that I could buy my first car without a bank loan. I took on extra shifts at work whenever I could, and I didn’t spend a penny of my paychecks on myself. When my best friends went out on weekends, I was working as a dishwasher in a local restaurant. Even on my days off, I stayed home because I didn’t want to spend my money on concert tickets or movie theater admission.

Finally, I had enough money to buy my dream car. It was a gently used, second hand Ford Mustang. It was bright red. It cost every penny that I had saved, but I didn’t have to take out a loan. So, when it was time to purchase car insurance, I asked the agent to give me the minimum amount of coverage required by law. What I didn’t realize was that I would get into an accident just days later. It was my fault, and my insurance company paid for the other car that I hit. Unfortunately, because I didn’t have full coverage auto insurance, my shiny Ford Mustang ended up towed to the scrapyard, and I didn’t get a penny from the insurance company. That was a hard lesson to learn, but I realized that I should have gotten full coverage auto insurance to cover my car in case of an accident.

Ever since that terrible experience, I get cheap car insurance  every time I buy a car. It’s important to have that protection whether my car is used or new. Even if I get into an accident, and it’s my fault, I know that I am covered. It’s well worth the money to have the coverage that I deserve. Plus, I always shop for a bargain to make sure it’s as affordable as possible.

I am planning to buy a brand new car soon, a Ford Mustang straight off the production line. I am going to make sure I have full coverage auto insurance before I drive that Mustang off the car lot. I definitely learned my lesson when it comes to car insurance, but I still like to save money. So, I will definitely get cheap full coverage auto insurance that’s affordable yet gives me the coverage that I want.