Renovating my house, found some nice travertine tiles

The time has arrived for me to begin several renovation projects around the house. I have a budget in mind for remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom. The process of selecting the right design and materials has been underway for a few days now, and I believe I have finally made some important decisions. I’ve found that travertine tile provides the most appealing look, so I’ll be using that particular natural stone product in both rooms.

The kitchen will feature a polished travertine tile counter top and back splash. I chose the polished finish since I want the surface to have a beautiful shiny appearance. The natural iron compounds and organic impurities give amazing color to the tile. I’ve selected a beige color that will be a perfect fit for both the kitchen and bathroom. I’ve been told that if I needed to replace a damaged tile in the future, travertine tiles are easier to replace than porcelain. It is easier to match both the color and design of the existing tiles.

I have decided to use tumbled travertine tile for the bathroom floor and shower to give a flat and textured appearance. I believe it is the right design for that particular room, and the beige color I chose looks fantastic. I’ll be sure to apply an appropriate sealant to prevent any stains. Several friends of mine told me that travertine requires more attention and maintenance, but I thoroughly enjoy the natural look of the stone and find that it is very durable. I have no problem spending extra time to take care of the material once it is in place.

I’ve worked with a variety of stone when remodeling the bathrooms in my previous home, and I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t the easiest project in the world. Travertine tile is usually easier to cut that other types of material. There are several tight spots in the bathroom, so I need to carefully cut several pieces to cover all of those areas. I’m confident that both rooms will be beautiful when I finish the project.