My cousins reputation is being destroyed

I just received a phone call from my cousin who has found himself in a difficult situation. He owns a fairly well-known law firm in the area and is facing a lawsuit by a former employee. He has always maintained a strong presence on the internet and has built his business based on his solid works skills and positive reputation. The last thing he wants to deal with is a former employee spreading negative information about him and his business.

My cousin is a good guy, works hard, and has a large group of loyal clients that have earned his trust for several decades. He relies on generating business through his website and the use of multiple social networking tools. I suggested that he hire the best online reputation management company available to monitor his internet presence to make sure that negative information isn’t being spread about his name or business.

False and negative information spread by others is damaging in his line of work. I think it is in his best interest to maintain a positive online presence as much as possible. The legal industry is extremely competitive and he could easily lose business to competitors if he isn’t careful. I don’t think his business can afford to have a negative impression on the internet.

Since the lawsuit is in the early stages, he isn’t quite sure what will happen next. There have been several threats made from the person who is suing him, but my cousin has the best legal professionals in the industry to take care of all legal matters of the case. Unfortunately he is starting to lose sleep over this situation. I tried my best to offer support and encouragement when I last spoke with him. There is only so much he can do at this point, and I’m certain that things will work out well for him in the end.

People never really think about how important an online reputation is to a business. Negative information spread across the internet often has a tremendous impact on all sorts of business. The increased use of social networking websites makes negative information visual faster than ever before. Thankfully there are ways business owners can combat negative information and make sure their good reputation outweighs the bad. Time will tell what happens next to my cousin and his law firm, but I’m sure things will be fine.