Got some nice new french bistro chairs

The landscaping project is near completion at the new house, so I have shifted my attention to designing a backyard patio for the summer months. I’ve chosen to go with a European style design and would like to buy a variety of patio furniture to fill in the space. A small breakfast table accompanied by French bistro chairs will be perfect for the patio. Most of the chairs I have found have been comfortable, sturdy, and look fantastic.

I haven’t chosen a specific color theme for the patio, but I’m leaning towards selecting furniture that has a weathered wood appearance. A weathered look would most certainly accent the colors of the home, as well as the surrounding landscape. If I’m not able to find a pair of French bistro chairs that offer this particular appearance, I’ll probably go with an off white or antique white color since it is quite common.

Years ago I came across the most beautiful antique bistro set for sale at a local consignment store. I didn’t have the money to purchase the set at the time, but I wish I did. The set is exactly what I am searching for presently. I remember that both the chairs and table were quite heavy. I’m looking for furniture that is heavy enough to resist some of the strong winds we have in the summer. I’m often surprised to see so many lightweight patio furniture sets for sale. They are affordable and easy to move around, but I prefer better quality and solid construction.

Most of the French bistro style furniture I’ve seen is cast iron and aluminum. This type of material is perfect since it adds some weight to the items. There are also folding style chairs made of wood, but that wouldn’t look that good on the patio. I might choose folding wooden French bistro chairs for the garden area, but I haven’t started working on that project yet.

My wife and I are both 27 years old, but we prefer older European and art deco furniture styles when it comes to interior and exterior design. I’ve never realized how many options and styles are available to choose from, but I’m convinced that the style we have chosen will create a picture perfect setting. I have set the budget and the shopping has begun. It’ll be even better if I can successfully stay within my budget.