Got myself a custom dress shirt made

I’m happy to report that I have been promoted to assistant vice president of our New England division. I really think getting my MBA helped to get me the job. I certainly didn’t enjoy going to school at night after working all day, but it’s paid off. Even though I’m a bit nervous about my new responsibilities, I’m glad to see the big increase in salary.

No more cubicles for me either. I’ve been relocated to a corner office now, and I share an administrative assistant with Ed, the president of the division. I have to say for a guy of 27, I’ve done pretty well so far. I’ve got a big office, important job and I have a boss I really like.

I was so excited over my promotion that the first thing I did was buy a new car. I wanted to buy a BMW Z4 Roadster but I need a bigger car for traveling, so I decided to get a Land Rover SUV. It’s a beauty! I’m also planning on buying some furniture for my condo. Right now I have lawn chairs in the living room and a card table in the dining room!

According to my girlfriend Anya, I also need to upgrade my look for work. Until recently it was okay for me to go to work in business casual clothing like dress shirts and khakis. Now I’ll be wining and dining clients and giving presentations.

Anya says I have to buy some good looking suits and has recommended I get some custom dress shirts. I have a pretty big neck and broad shoulders. But because I work out, I also slim down at the waist.

Department store shirts never seem to fit me right. They are either too tight in the neck, too long in the arms or they look too big for my body. I think Anya’s right. I want to continue to climb the company ladder, and I need to look good at all times. Shirts that fit right will be a good start to the new corporate image I want to develop.