Got a new Medicare provider

Ever since I got onto the Medicare program, I have been unhappy with my insurance provider. They tried to get out of paying every claim, kept raising rates, and were not helpful at all when it came to customer service. Although this is pretty much par for the course with most health insurance companies, I wasn’t satisfied. One day, after a particularly frustrating conversation with a customer service rep, I decided to shop around a bit and try to find a better Medicare insurance provider.

I got online and started searching for Medicare supplemental insurance providers. Needless to say, there were a lot of them to look at. After looking at several companies and reading some reviews, I came across American Continental Insurance. With American Continental Insurance, I finally found an insurance company that I actually liked. I dropped my coverage with the other company and signed up for American Continental Insurance right away.

Why did I decide to go with American Continental Insurance? They have an A- rating, which means that it is a very financially strong insurance company that will be around for the long-term. I don’t have to worry about paying all this money and premiums and then find that the company is going out of business some day.

Another thing that I liked about ACI is that they had some really good rates on Medicare supplemental insurance policies. If you are familiar with Medicare, you know that there are a lot of different sections of the plan that you can choose to get. All of the sections provide the same basic benefits, but insurance companies can charge different amounts for premiums. With American Continental Insurance, I can get the same coverage that I had with the other provider for a much better price. Besides the better price, they are also a pleasure to work with, and have been nothing but helpful from the first day. With the other company, I always felt a little bit uneasy dealing with their customer service reps even from the first day that I signed up with them. That’s not the case with American Continental Insurance.

Their customer service reps take the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions. One of them did not know the answer to one of the questions that I asked, so instead of leaving me on infinite hold, they got the answer right away and let me know. So far, I’m very pleased with American Continental Insurance overall.