Gag Gifts For My Girlfriend’s Surprise Birthday Party

From the minute my girlfriend met me, she knew I was a king of practical jokes. That personal quality of mine could be good or bad depending on how you look at the situation. Thankfully she has an incredible sense of humor and puts up with all the silly and quirky jokes I share with her almost every day. She’ll be celebrating her 25th birthday next month, so her friends and I are planning a surprise party. I’ve never planned a party like this before, so I definitely need all the help I can get.

It looks like we’ll be going with a shipwrecked pirate theme for the party. She is madly in love with anything that has to do with pirates. Don’t ask me why, but I oddly share a similar interest in the pirate thing too. I will manage to include a decent amount of practical jokes and strange party favors to make the party a really fun time for everyone. I’ll be buying some gag gifts for her, and I have already asked everyone who is attending to the party do the same. Pirate costumes will be an absolute must for everyone, so tomorrow I’ll start working on making an amazing costume for myself.

I’m not going to make this an out of control crazy drinking party, but we all know how much pirates enjoy their rum. So yesterday I was on a quest to find some creative props and gag gifts that focus on drinking. I picked up several humorous gifts that are certain to generate some laughs and add life to the party. I’ll serve drinks in miniature treasure chests that are overflowing with fake gold coins. I”ll plan a fun game of pin the tail on the pirate too.

One of the funniest gifts I bought was a battery operated talking parrot wearing a pirate hat. What would a pirate themed party be without a funny little parrot that shouts out insulting remarks to everyone? There is much more to plan, so I’m still on the hunt for more crazy props, decorations, and gifts. I’m very lucky to have a girlfriend that puts up with all this silly stuff. Sometimes I think she loves some of my practical jokes more than I do. I’m absolutely convinced that she’ll love the party we are planning, so I am eager for her birthday to arrive.