Fishing round 3, I win again!

Last weekend I got together with a few of my friends to hit the Merrimack River in hopes of catching some carp. There is nothing like the feeling of bringing in one of those bad boys. Before going on this fishing, I bought a new fishing pole and some egg sinkers hoping to improve my chances of catching the largest carp ( Like how the fishing tackle I bought helped last time I went fishing). We all met early at my house to hit the river. My friend Dan drove and of course his coolers were stocked for a full day of fishing. When we arrived we looked for a section of the river that had the strongest current and set our seats up near the shore. One of my friends wanted to make a bet to see who could catch the biggest carp, which I was happy to take ( I did kick there ass last time if you recall). I chummed the water and we baited our #6 hooks with good old fashion corn. Soon after casting out my friend Mike caught a 10 lb carp. I knew I could catch a bigger fish than that. The bet was high since four of us had put hundred dollars into the pool.carp

A short time later my line took off and I reeled in a beautiful 17 lb carp. Dan decided to crack a cold one and we spent our time intensely trying to catch bigger fish. Mike ended up with a 12 lb catch, the fish were really biting.The Merrimack River has some very good fishing areas especially near the Lowell bridge. There were quite a few spectators watching us fish probably because we were a little excited to be catching such good sized fish. Morning turned to afternoon and they could not surpass my 17 lb fish. My friend Jay opened his cooler and took out some homemade dough. To our amazement he caught a 19 lb carp and was screaming the entire time he reeled the fish in. This competition now turned serious. I grabbed some of his dough and cast out. The day was winding down and I was determined to win the pool. Dan decided to up the stakes to double or nothing and we all went in. To my amazement I caught a 19.5 lb carp making my fish the winner ( yet again!). We wrapped up our day laughing and having a great time discussing our catches of the day. Since I won the pool dinner was on me, so we stopped at a local restaurant on the way home to eat. Overall it was a pretty good day, I caught the biggest fish and it was fun spending time with my buddies. Next time were going bass fishing, carp fishing just isn’t challenging enough (I’m just that good).