Fishing: Bass vs Me vs My Friends

I hadn’t been fishing in a long time ( Almost 2 weeks!) so since the weather was nice and I had all my work done around the house, I decided to call a few friends and do a little fishing trip. When I went out to the shop to get all my gear, I realized that I needed new fishing tackle. All of my equipment was old and rusty ( Noticed this on my last fishing trip,which you can read here:  and since we were going bass fishing at the lake, it was probably best if I got some shiny new tackle, or anything to help. I’am not a very good fisherman, am sure you guys already know that.myfriendsbass

I went to the fishing store and bought some new lures, fishing line and other equipment. When my friends arrived at my house they laughed at me, apparently they didn’t think my new tackle would help me much.

When we got to the lake, we all walked around to what we thought was the best place to catch the biggest bass. A couple of my buddies caught some smaller bass, but I wasn’t having any luck. They were starting to make fun of me for spending all that extra money on new tackle and not even getting any bites. I knew I was going to catch a big one, but I just had to be patient.

Finally, when my friends pulled out their lines to grab some snacks and drinks, I got a big bite on mine. I was fighting the biggest bass I had ever seen for over 10 minutes before I finally got it onto shore. It weighed over ten pounds and was about 18 inches long! ( About 14 inches actually, but whose counting) I couldn’t believe how big it was since I had been fishing at this same lake for several years and never seen anything that big.

When I told them I caught the fish because of my new gear, they denied it and said I just got lucky. They just didn’t want to admit that I was right and should have listened to me. It’s okay though because I know the fishing tackle was the reason I caught the big bass. At the end of the day, it was my fish we kept and ate, the fish was delicious by the way, but the look on my friends faces was even better.