Enjoying a Limo Service in Philadelphia

Recently, I went to the city of Philadelphia for a bachelor party. If you’ve ever been Philadelphia, you know that it’s known as the “city of brotherly love.” I’m not really sure how accurate that is, since they once booed Santa Claus, but that’s beside the point. Going to Philadelphia was awesome and it had a lot of cool things see and do. It was an ideal setting for a bachelor party, with all of the clubs and vibrant nightlife that was everywhere.

When I arrived, I was picked up at the airport by my friend. To my surprise, he pulled up in a limo. My friend who reserved the limo (the best man) isn’t exactly a rich guy, so the site of the limo caught me a bit off-guard. He’s got a good job and makes good money, but he’s not hanging out in country clubs or riding on yachts. Apparently, the best limo service Philadelphia has to offer was actually quite affordable. He said that it wasn’t too expensive, and he didn’t even ask all the other guys to split the cost. Instead, he told us that the limo was his treat.

So what was so great about riding around in a limo for a bachelor party in Philadelphia? Pretty much everything about the night was awesome. We started out by all piling into the limo and cruising over to the groom’s favorite steak house. We all enjoyed a great meal and really got the night started off right. Then we rolled over to a nice little bar to kick back a few shots of bourbon. At that point, we were all feeling pretty good and decided to hit some of the clubs.

At the first clubs we went to, we got the royal treatment and got to go up in the VIP room. They were pretty common dating for a bachelor party, and wanted to make it an enjoyable time for everyone. We continued bouncing around the city from one club to another, picking up a few girls at almost every stop. Luckily, we were in a limo so everyone fit, and we didn’t have to worry about finding someone who was sober enough to drive.

Getting a limo for our bachelor party was a stroke of genius by the best man. If you are looking for a limo service, Philadelphia has several of them that would help you find what you’re looking for.