Brother is dumb and got hurt, at least he’s insured

It’s a good thing that my brother decided to buy general contractor insurance when he started taking on side jobs to supplement his income. Last week he was putting on a new roof in a nearby subdivision and slipped off the ladder. Thankfully he wasn’t seriously injured, but he did fracture his left ankle as a result of the fall. He admits he probably shouldn’t have worked that day due to inclement weather.

I know my brother has had a variety of work related accidents in the past, but most of them occurred while he was working on projects while employed for a large construction company. This situation is different since the injury happened while he was working on his own time. He’s never been knowledgeable when it comes to insurance coverage, so he relies on information and advice given to him by his insurance agent.

It looks like everything will be alright since he has protection from general contractor insurance. The injury has caused him to take time off from work, but hopefully his injury will heal quickly. He needs every single dollar he can get since his wife lost her job two months ago. The bills never seem to stop and the overall cost of living keeps rising. I’m going to do everything I can to offer them both some financial help until he can get back on his feet.

Soon I will have more time of my own to take on extra work as well. I’m considering helping my brother with some of the jobs he’ll be working on in the near future. I’ll be contacting his insurance agent so that I can purchase general contractor insurance as well.

I can’t imagine what type of situation he would be in if he didn’t have proper insurance when the particular accident happened. I’m amazed at how many of his friends are out on jobs without having health insurance or general contractor insurance. The cost of insurance might seem like an unnecessary burden when figuring out your budget, but I think it’s common sense not to overlook having protection.