Auto Insurance is not fun, it’s a pain in the ass

Car insurance is one of my most expensive monthly bills, so I decided to do some comparison shopping this month to find a better rate. After looking at some of the top insurance companies like Geico, Progressive and All State, I started to get really frustrated. After filling out the 6th identical form, I started looking for another option.

Lots of these companies offered “comparative quotes”, but since they’re direct competitors, I didn’t know if I could trust their quotes. After a quick search I found, which promised auto insurance quotes for all of the best (and cheapest) insurers in my area. I decided to check it out, half-heartedly hoping for the insurance grail I was searching for. It turned out that the auto insurance quotes from each individual company had been inaccurate like I thought, and looking around was actually worth my time for once.autoinsurancequotes

But even with a solid quote, I still felt confused. Strict liability is required in all 50 states, but insurance companies offer different levels of coverage that can have a cost difference of 2-3x the basic requirements. I had to ask myself, “is it worth it?” After reading lots of articles on the page, I was able to discover the difference between comprehensive, collision, at-fault coverage, underinsured accident coverage, and all those other terms the auto insurance industry throws at us. Hint: there’s no such thing as completely ‘full coverage’ and the definitions aren’t really that confusing – the wording just makes it sound that way.

The articles at Auto Insurance Ape gave me some knowledge to go off of, and I ended up with the basic liability for my state along with some comprehensive protection for my car (gotta keep it nice!).

I ended up saving quite a lot on my car insurance, and I’m planning to use that cash towards some of my hobbies. I might pick up that guitar I’ve been eyeing. Sure, it took a few minutes when I was ready to be done with it all, but it was much faster than spending time on each company’s web site.

I had been listening to those annoying auto commercials for months, and I guess it finally sunk in that I might be paying too much for insurance. Luckily I didn’t have to call around too much and was able to find a good quote without spending too much energy – just my style. Next health insurance….. Just kidding, am done with insurance for a while (I hope).